1 Sticky: Introduce Yourself

by: LovelyLynda

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9 The luckiest guy ever!

by: MapleDots

10 Picture of the day

by: MapleDots

12 Strongest kid in the world

by: MapleDots

13 Great to be here.

by: aactive

15 Closed: Bring It On

by: Name Guy

17 UnFreaknBelievable.com

by: Name Guy

19 Bluejays active

by: jaydub

20 Good Morning Canada☺

by: Name Guy

22 So... I bought this today

by: MapleDots

23 Hello World, eh?

by: Bob Hawkes

24 Hello Fellow Canucks

by: judgemind

25 Hello Canada☺

by: Name Guy

27 K1D here to say Hi

by: K1D

28 Hi from Rebel.com

by: brett

32 Howdy

by: Esdiel

33 Hello from WHC!

by: efalcon

34 Let's grow this baby

by: AdamDicker

42 Check In

by: bookname

43 Hi everyone

by: Asselin

44 Hi everyone

by: DonnaAdams

45 Hey everyone!

by: Spex

46 Hi All!

by: Candomain

47 Hi all

by: theinvestor

49 Adamson BBQ!

by: Nafti