Transfer promo for GoDaddy Discount Domain Club members

Hey folks, every now and then I'm allowed to do a limited promo by our accountants. With price increases dominating the news cycles lately I thought it would be fun to offer a transfer in promo at below cost to help ease the renewal burden headed into the holidays.

So, here's the deal: If you are a DDC member as of 9/15, or a Premier Services customer, then you can us the promo code "StillSave" and get $7.80 (plus ICANN) .com xfer pricing into GoDaddy. Perfect for Q4 portfolio consolidation and avoiding the 7% .com price increase at least for one more year.

No limitations on how many names you can use the promo code for, but we'll most likely shut it down at the end of the year.



Info: Courtesy of namepros