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I have made a new feature...

When the "New Post" link in the top menu bar turns red it means you have new post that are unread.

Click it and read the posts that interest you but when you are done click the "Mark all topics as read" link in the bottom blue bar. It will mark all topics as read and the red notification will turn off. It will also turn off if you read all the new topics but since some may not be of interest to you the best thing is to click the "Mark all topics as read link"

Notice the link at the bottom right of this graphic:


As a side note to this...  the Private Message link will also turn red when you get a new Private Message.


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Another great new addition. Thanks again. :)

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New posts is always my first stop when I come to the forum...nice feature!

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Re: New Post Indicator in Red

Yes, that is not a feature the forum software came with and when I fiddled with the New Private message indicator to change it to bold and red I figured I could do the same with new posts.

I have so many customizations installed that I am working on a help wiki page to explain them to members.

Look for that coming soon and it will be in the main menu beside Logout, it will be called HELP.


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Great improvement, that's usually my first stop, too.

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