Topic: Forum Email replaces Private Messages


Most of the senior members here know I am against private messages on forums because they are simply not private. Virtually all forum software have addons available that allows moderators to read members private messages.

When I picked this software it was the most privacy featured and had no addons to read private messages. That said one could still go into the SQL database and read messages if one was technically savvy. So this shows that there is absolutely no way to truly have private messages.

Upon reflection I do not wish to have this security hole at dn.ca and since the private messaging system I was using was limited in function I have decided to remove the feature in its entirety. I know some of you will be disappointed by this but I can assure you the board email is completely private and does more than private messages ever could.

Only you can see your email address unless you specify in your settings that members can see it. So your email will not be disclosed to other members unless you want it to. When you send email to another member it uses a Board Form which leaves no traces in our data base and there is no way for anyone to EVER read that email other than the intended recipient.

When you use the board email the form sends to the members email and dn.ca has no access to the conversation. The form does not store in our database and no information can be retrieved. The recipient stores your email in his private gmail account and it is therefore completely private.

I also had an issue recently with a member abusing the Private Messaging system and because of it's limited capacity I was not able to restrict the member from using it. The email system can be restricted by member and if complaints of abuse are posted we can simply remove email privileges from that user.