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A very nice ROI in only 14 months. I’m assuming that the Booth Bros were the seller?

The Fab 5:

Do.ca, Of.ca, No.ca, He.ca, Be.ca


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Nafti wrote:

I’m assuming that the Booth Bros were the seller?

It sure sounds that way, given they broke the news and know specific details... but he doesn’t use the word “I”  or “we” now that I look more closely... so I guess it’s not 100% clear. They must be involved at a minimum, but I assume they are indeed the seller. A ton of people are congratulating Booth on the sale too.


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James Booth Sells Porn.co for $120,000
by James Iles | March 17, 2021

Broker and domain investor James Booth is famous for his six- and seven-figure .COM deals, but this time he’s setting the alternative TLD market alight with the $120,000 sale of Porn.co.

Acquired by Booth in November 2019 at Sedo for $22,109, Porn.co represents one of the best adult domain names in the .CO extension, a popular alternative to .COM.

This week, Booth announced that he successfully sold Porn.co for $120,000 in a deal facilitated by GoDaddy via Uniregistry and Afternic. Booth revealed the sale via Twitter:

Comparable sales include Porn.com for $9.5 million (2007), Rick Schwartz’s sale of Porno.com for $8,888,88 (2015), and Porn.net for $400,000 (2008).

As far as .CO domains go, the sale of Porn.co marks the second-largest publicly-disclosed .CO sale ever, according to NameBio. It beats the 2015 sale of 8.co for $115,000 but lags far behind Overstock’s acquisition of O.co for $350,000 in 2010.

It is the only publicly-disclosed six-figure .CO sale from the past five years, according to NameBio. The next DNJournal chart is going to have stiff competition for the top ten.

https://www.jamesnames.com/2021/03/jame … or-120000/