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Topic: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

BlackMold.ca sold on 2021-02-07 for 1,080 USD: https://namebio.com/blackmold.ca

Not a major sale to report but there are a few interesting things about it:

1) The domain was bought in 2015 but archive.org shows it has history going back to at least 2011.

2) The domain was bought by GTARestoration.com, and the domain points to this page of their website: https://gtarestoration.com/services-tor … d-removal/.

3) It was nice to see they bought the domain only to point it to a specific page/service of their website, so I looked further into them and it turns out they have a pile of related domains that point to their website. FloodToronto.com/ca, CanadaRestore.com/ca, GTACleanup.com/ca etc all point to their homepage, and they also have domains like coronavirusservice.ca and viruspandemic.ca which point to their disinfecting / sanitizing services page: https://gtarestoration.com/services-tor … taminate/. I really like how this business understands domains.

4) The domain sold via DaaZ.com marketplace, and I think it's the first .CA sale they report to namebio. I don't know much about DaaZ but I checked them out, and while it's a pretty cool website, there are only 4 .CAs listed there. One of them is logodesign.ca, which is sort of off-topic, but you should visit the domain to see what's going on there.

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Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

In fact, it's possible this company might be competing over keyword domains with this other company moldinspections.ca. They are both based in Toronto.

MoldInspections.ca doesn't get as much traffic but they also have a lot of redirects (just not as many). They do own moldremoval.ca though... which I'm sure GTARestoration would love to own considering blackmold.ca forwards to https://gtarestoration .com/services-toronto/mold-removal/


Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

Mold looks like big freaking business!

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Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

Depends on who you are talking to. It is a huge issue with people who have compromised breathing issues.

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Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

Eby wrote:

It is a huge issue with people who have compromised breathing issues.

It's not good for anyone to be sucking down mold, and I guess all the home sales, inspections, and renos going on, combined with increasingly strict regulations on stuff like this, means business is booming, especially in older houses.


Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

I noticed that @GTARestoration joined the forum yesterday.

Wonder how they found the site?

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Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

Welcome to the forum @GTARestoration!

I'm glad I only had nice things to say about your company... lol. :)

It's pretty evident you appreciate domains the same way everyone here does so it's great to have you aboard. If you happen to have a problem/concern with any of the info in this topic please don't hesitate to reach out to me or one of our moderators. And of course you're welcome to share any thoughts or comments publicly as well.

Lastly, congrats on the acquisition of your domain. I think it was a smart move and a fair price.

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Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

Looks like @GTARestoration might be working on a new website for blackmold.ca... ?


Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

BlackMold.ca now has a fancy new website. They went all out it seems.


Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

Esdiel wrote:


Kinda looks like a porn site from the late '90s. Don't quite get the globe and globe effect on the home page...they are based in Toronto.

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Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

aactive wrote:

Kinda looks like a porn site from the late '90s. Don't quite get the globe and globe effect on the home page...they are based in Toronto.

Lol, its kind of brutal, like someone said, hey, there's "black" in the name, so lets make everything black, wouldn't that be cool?

And then they randomly spell it mold in some places and mould in others.  Maybe they should own blackmould.ca too. Mould is in theory the Canadian spelling too...  So while I give them kudos for the attempt, I'm thinking its not quite a swing-and-a-miss, but maybe a swing-and-a-foul-ball?

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Re: BlackMold.ca - Sold $1,080 USD

And it looks like they're selling 'Apparel' too? Lots going on here

It should be simple because if I have a mold problem, I'm looking to get it removed. I'm not looking to be entertained

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