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After yesterday’s reported sale of Avatar.io for $89,999 comes another high five-figure .IO sale. The name in question is Ruby.io, which sold for $88,000, according to NameBio.

Ruby.io was sold by DNWE’s co-founder Josh Schoen’s UltraDomains portfolio. Despite selling Ruby.io, Schoen still owns a number of valuable .IO domains including Light.io, Scroll.io, and Whirl.io. Schoen’s companies also own names such as Sign.com, Nurture.com, and even Altcoin.com. According to Archive.org, Ruby.io used an Efty landing page before selling.

The $88,000 reported sale of Ruby.io ranks as the joint fifth largest .IO sale of all time, according to NameBio. Interestingly, the top six .IO sales at NameBio have all happened in 2021. Schoen’s sale also breaks the Park.io dominance on the top five chart.

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I acquired Ruby.ca recently so this gives me some hope for it.


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Great price for yet another huge .io sale.

Ruby.ca just proves again what a nice pickup that was. Was there much negotiation for that one?

The Fab 5:

Do.ca, Of.ca, No.ca, He.ca, Be.ca


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Nafti wrote:

Was there much negotiation for that one?

I was after that one for years, made a number of incognito offers on it until I picked it up.

All in all I think I pursued that one for about 4 years, which is not uncommon for me.
I remember it took me just as long to get red.ca and I have a couple that took even longer to finally land.

I am nothing if not patient and persistent.  *DANCE*


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The .io extension is getting huge traction from tech and crypto companies, two areas that will have a lot of growth in future years imo.  Good times ahead for .io most likely, especially one word and short acronyms.

a couple years ago I sold larch.io for mid x,xxx USD.  since then whoever bought it never changed the Uni nameservers.  I remember a few years ago when domainers were starting to accumulate .io, but prices were cheap and you probably could have bought a lot of great one word .io on the forums for xxx and low xxxx.  They are pretty expensive to register and hold which probably keeps a lot of people from going all in.

Soon we might be comparing what a .ca is worth if the exact match .io sells for X, like we do with .com.  lol

(formerly hugegrowth in my past domainer life)

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$88,000 Ruby.io Buyer Revealed

Given the crypto and blockchain industry’s love of .IO, it’s rather unsurprising that the new owner of Ruby.io is involved in that space.

Read the article here:
https://jamesnames.com/2021/05/88000-ru … -revealed/