Learn all about Bob Hawkes!

The article is from November 2020 but I thought it was worth sharing, especially for those who may not be familiar with the legendary Canadian domainer @Bob Hawkes.

I think it's fair to say that domainers from every corner of the earth are familiar with Bob today, thanks to his contributions and research in the domain community.

Thanks for all you do Bob!

Learn all about Bob here: https://www.domainsmoke.com/11232020-expired-auctions

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Re: Learn all about Bob Hawkes!

I know Bob, he is a prolific author and he has an immense following.

He is a member here but he is busy writing so he does not visit much.

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Thanks @Bob Hawkes for your many selfless contributions  *THUMBSUP*

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I haven’t had any interactions with @Bob Hawkes but from what I hear, he is one of the nicest individuals in the business and his write ups are great to read. Thanks for the read @Esdiel

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Re: Learn all about Bob Hawkes!

Here is his hello topic