Topic: 2008 CBC News story about "new domains"

You guys need to check out this CBC News video coverage from 2008 where they discuss the launch of some new gtlds.

It's also interesting to hear some of the public's opinions about domainers from more than a decade ago.

Some say domainers are "smart" and "it's no different than what happens in real estate", while CBC also highlights "the seedy side of this cyberspace rush"... where they explain how they themselves have been the target of abusive registrations.

They also speak of Webnames.ca which I found neat.

The video is only two minutes long so I won't spoil any more of it. Definitely worth the 2 minutes.

"Rush for new internet domain names"

8 years ago | News | 2:08

In a few weeks, hundreds of new domain names will be available


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Re: 2008 CBC News story about "new domains"

Interesting little snippet..

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Re: 2008 CBC News story about "new domains"

Thanks for that. At the ~13 second mark she says there are "240 billion domains registered"...hmm, that's a little off :)


Re: 2008 CBC News story about "new domains"

That is indeed a great story. Thanks for the share.

240 billion names registered could be slightly off. ;)

The Fab 5:

Do.ca, Of.ca, No.ca, He.ca, Be.ca


Re: 2008 CBC News story about "new domains"

Nice catch. She must have meant millions lol.

I just did a quick Google search and apparently there were "366.8 Million Domain Name Registrations at the End of the First Quarter of 2020": https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/ … er-of-2020

And this link below says there are 501,603,564 domains registered as of today: https://domainnamestat.com/statistics/tldtype/all

Registrations are definitely on the rise. We saw record numbers here in Canada last May, and it's certainly not unique to Canada:

"2020 was a historic year in that the median growth of European country-code domains (ccTLDs) reached a 6-year high of 4.4%.":https://www.centr.org/news/news/globaltld-q42020.html