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Board Rules


1. Topics are editable for 60 minutes and after that become permanent. If you wish to make a change (pricing etc.) after the opening post simply place another post to update the topic. In rare cases, if absolutely necessary, you may use the REPORT POST option to make a request to change a post. DN.ca is under no obligation to make the change and may or may not make the requested change. As a general rule we try to avoid edits if they affect the natural flow of the topic.

     1b. Editing of "For Sale" topics - dn.ca/post/10441/#p10441

2. The community is self moderating, but one should not use foul language, or attack another member in a post. Criticize the post, or the idea, and not the member. Keeping it civil keeps the experience pleasant for everyone.

3. Anyone buying or selling in the Talk .CA forum is welcome to do so, however the discussion is between the buyer and seller and DN.ca will not enforce nor mediate a sales agreement. This is a free market economy and as such DN.ca does not interfere with members ability to buy or sell on the forum. However, should we deem a member to be attempting, or committing, fraud then the member will be restricted from using the platform.

4. Place no more than 3 topics per day for selling or showcasing your domains in the Talk .CA forum. If you wish to showcase or sell multiple domains please do so in a single topic for that day.

5. Bumping topics with a word like bump is not allowed. If you wish to bump a sales, or showcase topic, feel free to do so once per day but make the post relevant by explaining why you are bumping the topic.

6. Board email for members is restricted to 1 every 5 minutes. This is to prevent spam and only Trusted Members have the ability to circumvent this policy. Board email is completely private and the board administrator has no access to read, or interfere with this process. Therefore it is important that members report abuse of board email to abuse@dn.ca so we can restrict anyone sending out spam.

You may notice we have very simple rules. This is quite on purpose because we are all adults and we intend for members to moderate themselves. We feel strongly that our little corner of the internet be friendly and open to all without draconian warnings and punishments imposed by similar sites. Such is how it should be in a free and open community.

The rules will be updated periodically to assure a safe environment that is beneficial for everyone.
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Re: Board Rules

Board rules have been updated today September 25th 2021

Re: Board Rules

This is not a rule but a suggestion...

Since the Buy & Sell is now in the .ca section I would recommend...

If you have a domain for sale list like this...

Domain.ca - For Sale

Domain.ca - Make an Offer

Domain.ca - Wanted

Since the Buy & Sell is more informal now you no longer have to specify an opening bid or starting offer.

If this descriptor is not added to the title we may edit the post to include it just so the members know it's for sale and not a discussion.

Re: Board Rules

Editing "For Sale" Topics

1. If you are lowering the price of your domain - just post again stating the new price.

2. If you are no longer selling the domain - post again and announce that.

3. So for any changes outside of the 1 hour edit period simply place another post underneath.

If you wish the For Sale topic to be removed then simply use the " Report " feature and ask for the post to be placed in the Recycle Bin where it is no longer accessible to the public.



So if you ask $1000 in the opening post and the domain is for sale for a few months you can request the topic be removed. This is extremely useful if you have a lead for a higher amount than what you asked for and need the topic removed.

So consider your FOR SALE topics carefully, if you have a selling price in your opening post you can request the topic to be removed. We do this to encourage members to price the domains instead of asking for offers.

Posts asking for offers cannot be removed once placed.

Additionally: DN.ca documents and publishes Sold Domains therefore sold domains will be left on record and cannot be removed. If that is a problem please consider that DN.ca may not be the correct place to list your domains.

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Re: Board Rules

Does it need to have a BIN price to be eligible for deletion? What about domains that include a minimum offer/asking price?

For example: "Domains.ca is for sale. Considering offers 5K+."

This is a little different compared to those that give no indication of price at all.

Re: Board Rules

Esdiel wrote:

Does it need to have a BIN price to be eligible for deletion? What about domains that include a minimum offer/asking price?

For example: "Domains.ca is for sale. Considering offers 5K+."

This is a little different compared to those that give no indication of price at all.

The domain should state an asking price or BIN price in the OPENING POST to qualify for Topic removal.

I considered this very carefully before I made my decision. So instead of having a rule forcing members to list with a price it gently encourages members to add a price knowing it can be removed if they so desire.

So there really is no negative to pricing a domain, it can be removed after a day or after a month.

Everything else stays put so this is a very gentle approach to encourage members to price domains.