Re: Buy & Sell Rules

You can leave it in Buy & Sell as long as it mentions a minimum offer.
Some sort of price or starting price must be set.

You are then free to ask for offers in topic or via private message.

If you want to ask for offers without setting a starting price you can do so in the Showcase Section because technically that domain is not for sale and is simply being displayed. To show a potential buyer that we mean business we have to start the negotiation process with a base price in the Buy & Sell section.

Members can offer less but it gives potential purchasers an idea of what the domain owner is looking for.

Something like: Offers over $5000 will be considered.

You have no obligation to sell if someone offers 5k, you can simply state you may consider that offer if no higher bids are received. Even then, we are encouraging a free and open marketplace between that buyer and seller, no different than how a negotiation goes in private. We want to avoid the draconian rules imposed by similar forums and encourage buyer and seller to come to terms without moderation.

Re: Buy & Sell Rules

rlm wrote:

I'm pretty cynical about "make an offer" posts - I find them mostly a waste of time.

What I'd like to see is only listings where the seller is serious and not just on a fishing expedition.  So if they said "Best offer of $1000 or more by 8PM EST Friday will be the new owner", now that would make me take the post serious.

I know we'll never probably have a rule like that, but that's what would get my attention.  Otherwise I'll continue to just scroll & generally ignore any generic make-an-offer posts.

Rule #2 should cover this issue now.

Re: Buy & Sell Rules

If you post in the Buy & Sell section and you do not have a selling price or opening/minimum bid the post will now be moved to the Recycle Bin and for anyone clicking on the moved link it will generate the following error message.

Please do not contact us to edit your post, simply place another post following our pricing guidelines.

The old MOVED link will be removed once we see the new post go up.