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Topic: Oldage.ca

Great feeder url to your brand.  Lots of searches here. 

How about a offer ? 

Looking to get $5k

Any questions send me  a dm.

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Re: Oldage.ca

@woudy Just a heads up...

2. As of January 1st, 2021 all domains in Buy & Sell must state a selling price or a starting price for make an offer.
For "Make an Offer" you can set your price like this:
Will consider offers above $10,000 (this way members know what to expect).

3. Leave your domains in the Showcase Domains forum if you are simply waiting for an offer

You can ask @Nafti or @MapleDots and they can move it to Showcase if you just want to leave it as Make Offer.

Good luck with a sale *THUMBSUP*

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Re: Oldage.ca

Thank you jaydub

I have moved this to showcase because no price is mentioned, will move back if price gets added.