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Premium domain for any real estate brokerage, or to set up as a marketplace for the laundry list of services within a condo facility.

Accepting offers.

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fuegodomains wrote:

CondoLeads.ca  Accepting offers.

Welcome to the forum @fuegodomains  Nice to have you join us.

Please refer to the following post by @Admin with regards to domains listed for sale.  https://dn.ca/post/376/#p376

You can edit your post to include a BIN or Min price.

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Thank you Eby

Yes the showcase forum is only to display or showcase domains. You cannot solicit a domain for sale in this forum.

You can sell your domains in this forum:

But first read the rules here:

Very basic rules

Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay.

PS. I will leave this topic open for a while to discuss


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Thanks and my apologies for the confusion. I thought this thread was where we post our domains for sell.