Topic: Yahoo & AOL sold once again


Yahoo and AOL, two of the internet's oldest and best-known brands, will have a new owner. Again.

Verizon announced it is spinning off the properties, which it acquired in separate transactions in 2015 and 2017, to the private equity firm Apollo in a deal valued at $5 billion.

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Re: Yahoo & AOL sold once again

When is it time to let a sleeping dog lie?

Billions for what are essentially two dying brands. With numerous attempts to revive the two brands having failed what make the latest purchaser think they will succeed?

It's kinda like that domain everyone will keep renewing, it never does anything but the next guy is always waiting in line to renew.


Re: Yahoo & AOL sold once again

Predictions on how long it takes before they sell it off next at $1B ?   The value just keeps going down...

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