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Trusted Members


A trusted member is someone who reaches 100 quality posts and has another trusted member vouch for him.

A trusted member will have contributed to the community in a positive manner. They will have made quality posts and will have opened topics to engage the community. Junk one line posts will not be considered as quality posts. A candidate for Trusted Membership will have to have another trusted member vouch for him and must reveal his real identity to the Board Admin. This is to assure a Trustworthy Status can be assigned for the marketplace. Before Trusted membership is granted it will be discussed with other Trusted Members in the private forum. Successful candidates will earn the trusted certification and carry the highest trust level in our marketplace.

Trusted member status can be revoked at any time if shows belligerent behavior toward other members, or does not honour their commitments.

If the member has shown a trustworthy and courteous posting style they get the following perks.

1. User Name displays in green.
2. Gets Trusted Member Designation under Avatar.
3. Has access to the private trusted member forum.
4. Can bypass the 1 board email every 5 minutes rule.
5. Trusted Members will receive special deals from Service Representatives.
6. Trusted Members are Board Certified to be Reputable Sellers should they decide to post a domain for sale.
7. Only Trusted Members may request a change to their User Name, all other members must re-register.
8. Only Trusted Members may request their topic be moved to the Private Forum.

(Trusted Members cannot be anonymous and must identify themselves to Board Admin)

PS. You cannot post 100 junk posts, you must have contributed Topics and Quality responses.

The following can get you trusted membership before 100 posts.

- Established member at another domaining forum
- Field Rep for a service company like WHC.ca etc.
- Industry Insider etc.

Email: admin@dn.ca if you have reached 100+ posts and you think you qualify for Trusted Membership.

A list of members currently with Trusted Member Status:
(Service Reps are also Trusted Members)


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Re: Trusted Members

I have been thinking about the Trusted Member Forum and to gain Trusted Member status you cannot be anonymous. A Board Leader or another trusted member must be able to vouch for your or you must be a trusted industry insider.

A trusted industry insider can ask to be activated at any time, a new domainer must have at least 100 posts, they must show to be true to their word with their transactions. Remember we are vouching for you in the Buy & Sell section so if any funny business occurs you will lose Trusted Member Status and your reputation in the marketplace will suffer.

Anyone wanting extra credibility should be seeking out the Trusted Member status. Trusted Member means that doing business with that individual is someone that is DN certified and trusted by his peers.

Re: Trusted Members

So I could request a name change when I reach 100 posts?

Re: Trusted Members

RedRider wrote:

So I could request a name change when I reach 100 posts?

No you can request Trusted Member status at 100 posts and only then can you request a name change.

Keep it up though, you are well on the way.

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@MapleDots @Eby Thank you :)

Re: Trusted Members

Congrats @whiteknight

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Re: Trusted Members

@whiteknight  *THUMBSUP*

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I have spoken and dealt with @whiteknight previously. Nice guy and congrats.

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Congrats @whiteknight!

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Re: Trusted Members

7. Only Trusted Members may request their topic be moved to the Private Forum.

Point 7 is new and I will explain it a bit more...

If a trusted member feels a topic is compromising his business, or domain, he/she may request his topic to be moved into the Private Discussion section which is only accessible to other Trusted Members and not indexed by google.

So if the main part of a topic is one of your domains and you think it affects your business you can ask to have the topic moved. Traditionally we will wait until the topic is inactive for a few days and everyone has had their say and then it will be moved.

This is not set in stone, and if something is very troubling to a Trusted Member we can make the judgement call and move the topic immediately.

Re: Trusted Members

We will no longer be granting early access to Trusted Member Forum. Trusted Member status is a privilege and we will no longer be granting it early without the member having achieved a minimum of 100 quality posts. Service Reps are exempt from this policy because they may want to discuss the possibility of special deals for Trusted Members or they may want to respond to a criticism about their service without it being indexed on google. Trusted members have also gained a couple of new perks like not having board email restrictions of 1 every 5 minutes. We expect that Trusted members will never spam so we see no reason to have spam control for them.