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Remembering DNC.ca (DNCanada) Forum


On Wayback Machine
https://web.archive.org/web/20120930225 … ww.dnc.ca/

Yesterday I did a post on Remembering the forum CanadianDots.ca:
https://dn.ca/topic/835/remembering-can … sca-forum/

That reminded me of DNC.ca, which was also one of my favourite Canadian Domaining forums to visit. It was run by @theinvestor and I posted there under the name MapleOne.

Interesting story back then the owner of DNC.ca was actually bidding on the domain DN.ca.

I waited a few months until the negotiations had concluded and it was obvious the domain was still for sale to come in and bid on it. I negotiated for quite a while and purchased dn.ca from member @Cathedral

So dn.ca has a long storied past and could very easily have been used on the previous generation of this forum.

The most active years for dnc.ca according to the wayback link above were 2012 & 2013 and then traffic started to decline and ultimately it went offline in 2019.

I remember being quite sad the forum went down and after a couple of years I discussed it with some of my domaining friends and I was encouraged to bring another version online.

I did a survey of possible domains and dn.ca (for obvious reasons) got unanimous approval whereas I was more in favour of ProDoamains.ca because it had some resemblance to NamePros where the discussions on .ca were held.

So today we remember dnc.ca which also ran under DNCanada.ca

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I remember it well Frank. It’s actually where you and I got acquainted  *THUMBSUP*

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yeah, I was there too...


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I remember I liked dnc.ca and visited as well :)

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Re: Remembering DNC.ca (DNCanada) Forum

It was originally called DNF.ca until I sued him and he gave up my brand that he tried to profit off of.
Although I love the .ca I do not support trademark or brand theft.

I'll pass on remembering this since it cost me 30K to protect my brand [edited for language] that went on to email every Canadian member to come to his board.


Archive.org from 2011


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Re: Remembering DNC.ca (DNCanada) Forum

Quite the brand you had that you no longer own.

The post you made above is false but I’m glad you’re finally capable of using archive.org.

I can too...and don’t act like a Saint when your portfolio in the past and possibly currently had numerous blatant TM domains. The one that will always come to my mind is SickKidsHospital.ca. Talk about trying to profit off someone else’s brand. Would you like me to post archive and history?  :)

Keep selling 200k .ca domainz! You are a pro talker!


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My recollection wasn't that Adam won anything, nor were any trademark rights proven over DNF.ca.  It was that he legally bullied the owner and they simply gave up DNF.ca to avoid the costs.   Is my recollection correct or incorrect?

Had I been a panelist, I would have sided with the DNF owner on this one, it is simply the acronym for "domain name forum" and that is clearly descriptive.  Furthermore, your Trademark on "DN Forum" was only filed after DNF.ca already launched, not that DNF.ca was confusing with DNForum.ca to any of us anyways.  For a domainer that makes a living on the subtle but legitimate differences between trademarks and uniquely different domain names, well, it all just seemed so very hypocritical, to me at least.  Just my opinion.

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