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Jul 3, 2021
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For domain name investors who enjoy the thrill of negotiating a domain sale for themselves, agreeing on a deal isn’t the endpoint. Choosing a trusted partner to facilitate the transaction is something that needs to be considered carefully.

From the exchange of funds to the domain name transfer, using the right partner can provide confidence and security to both the buyer and seller.

To that effect, Afternic has launched Custom Checkout Link, allowing sellers to use the GoDaddy platform to close a domain sale that they have already negotiated.
For Buy Now sales, the commission charged will be 5%, with a minimum commission fee of $15

For Lease to Own transactions, the commission charged is a flat 10%. Afternic’s standard marketplace commission rates and discounts do not apply, with no markup fees paid by the buyer, either. The maximum lease term for this option is 12 months.
  • Custom Checkout Link supports Buy Now and Lease to Own transactions
  • We support Buy Now transactions from $99
  • We support Lease to Own transactions between $495 and $100,000, over a maximum period of 12 months
  • To bring this to market as quickly as possible, we're leaning on's infrastructure and technology. Therefore, links will contain the domain
  • The link will be valid for 7 days
  • Commission for Buy Now transactions is 5% ($15 minimum)
  • Commission for Lease to Own transactions is 10%
  • You do not need to point your domains to Afternic nameservers in order to use the feature
  • Payment terms for the Custom Checkout Link will not affect any Buy Now prices sellers currently have listed at Afternic or It will also not affect any leads in progress in the Lead Center
Introducing Custom Checkout Link - Your Partner for Closing External Sales - Afternic Blog
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