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Nov 23, 2020
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We had a conversation about this (that I can't find), regarding whether DAN has stopped displaying Personal Seller Info on their pre-purchase invoices (i.e. identity thief catnip) and DAN answered me on NP:

To continue to protect sellers on our platform, in July, we shared that the transacting party was to be updated, effective July 13. This change means that domain buyers only see their details and Dan's details on their invoices.

This is even better as now all invoices display DAN as the Buyer/Seller - although TBH, they likely did at the request of buyer privacy but it still benefits sellers and protects us from scammers and identity thieves.

I just knew there was a reason why all my "sketchy international offers" just dried up in Aug-Sept.
I only use dan for an occasional push at 5%

I have nothing liste on ANY godaddy service since the 25% dns server rule came into effect. Am using payment systems in the following order

1. e-transfer
2. bank tranasfer
3. certified cheque
4. wise.com
5. dan push at 5%

Those are the options in order of preference I give to my clients.

I looked at the new afternic 5% push but it seems like there is another middleman there technically using the dan system. Also the domain has to be listed at afternic to use that service.


DAN has stopped displaying Personal Seller Info on their pre-purchase invoices

The key word being PRE-INVOICES (y)
The key word being PRE-INVOICES (y)

No, those are my words, as the pre-purchase invoices are what I am worried about as those are the ones being abused by 3rd-world scammers, but according to DAN it's ALL invoices.

I could care less if a business who paid me for a domain gets my info, but I care a lot of about 3rd-world data miners in a Moroccan hive using DAN to acquire more personal data for their various scams.

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