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Jul 1, 2021
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What's the server time? For some reason, I'm getting some really funky "yesterday" or middle of the night posts...

Testing :)
I will check it, server is in Toronto but you can change yours here:


Each person can set their own, it is at the top, first setting.

There is also a quick way of getting to that setting in the image below.

Screenshot - 2023-01-17T070628.191.png
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Screenshot - 2023-01-17T065700.677.png

Click on your Avatar, I just added a feature where it will display your local time in your profile, change it in settings until that is accurate.
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Screenshot - 2023-01-17T084524.108.png

We have cloud servers located in Toronto, Ontario

Since the Server is in Toronto, Ontario the time zone is set by default to UTC-05:00 Eastern time which is the time zone for Toronto/New York.

From there on users can adjust it as per their local settings but as you can see above the time zones for the board are set correctly.
Oh settings, of course, that'll do it. My bad for not checking there first, thank you!

Though my default was set to UTC 0 for some reason, Greenwich...

Thanks again @MapleDots!
Screenshot (26).png

I have added a link where every user can set their own local time.

The local time now also displays in this area.

Handy when you send a Private Message or you are looking for a response from someone in a different time zone.
I was looking at the web stats and 80% off all traffic is coming from mobile and it was getting a bit cluttered so I moved the link to here, see image.

Screenshot - 2023-01-22T181855.020.png

It also in the Board Settings and the settings in the fotter, so lots of places.

I also clarified the setting so it should all be straight forward now.

Screenshot - 2023-01-22T182146.099.png
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