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Nov 18, 2020
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Anyone else excited that the World Cup starts in a few days (Nov 20).

Extra nice that Canada is finally back in it.

Looks like the favorites to win it are France, Belgium, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina.

It will be a welcome distraction to everything else going on in the world right now.
Some good games so far. Canada should have got a tie or win against Belgium, who didn't look very good.

Canada next in action Sunday vs Croatia.
I’m not generally a soccer fan but I do check in on the World Cup. Would be nice to see Canada get a win on Sunday. I believe I read somewhere that 1/4 of Canada’s team is from my current city (Brampton).
Brazil, France, Portugal through as well.

Canada and Qatar the only teams without a point so far, every other team has had at least a tie.
The pain boss

The Pain

I cannot watch!!!

Now down to Argentina vs France in the final. Sunday morning early on the west coast...

France could be the first country to repeat as World Cup winners.

Messi could win his first cup which I think is the only milestone left in his career.
I found this to be very interesting...
France Vs Morocco.jpeg
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I am rooting for Argentina because I want Messi to win that World Cup that has eluded him. He has been a great inspiration to all Soccer fans, all over the world and he deserves it. I also felt that between the two teams, Argentinians are playing a team game, unlike the French team. The goals assisted by Messi were real, unlike the last scored by Kolo Munani, which was a personal attempt by Mbappe going for his golden boot.
It was indeed a great game. It’s been called by many, the best World Cup final of all time.

I really don’t like how they end these though. A game should never be ended on penalty shootouts like this. They should just go to sudden death. First team to score in OT, wins. Just like hockey. I can’t imagine the Stanley cup finals game 7 ending in a shootout.
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