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Nov 4, 2020
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Bought my Domain from Dan.com representatives sent emails everystep of the way thru transaction impressive . I dont buy Domains but i had owned the Domain i purchased some years ago. I wanted it back im reopening a busines and there it was .I had have it made offer and got quick reply and emails thru each step of the way until transaction was complete .

Source: Man buys back domain from Dan.com! - DomainGang

So have you ever sold or let a domain expire just to buy it back again?​

yes :)
So have you ever sold or let a domain expire just to buy it back again?
I have not but back in April of 2014, I grabbed DateACanadian from the TBR. Shortly after I won it, I was contacted by the owner of DateACanadian.com. He owned the .ca at one point and accidentally let it drop. I wasn’t looking to make a big profit from it because I kind of felt bad for the guy so I made a very, very small profit (shipping and handling fees I like to call it) and sold it back to him.

I’m sure there are a few members here as well who has had similar scenarios.

Side note: DateACanadian.ca is currently free to register.
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Definitely. I have my own domain management software. When I add newly acquired domains, it'll tell me the that domain was already in my account, so I see it happen occasionally. Sometimes they are domains I let expire a while back, sometimes domains I've sold.

One time I went out of my way to reacquire a domain that I noticed was close to TBR. I had sold it for around $20K+ range only to buy it back for about $1K a decade later.
Is it a commercially available software?
nope, not anymore. it was the old software I wrote for a domain parking service I used to own, so I've just kept it alive and have tweaked it over time for my own use.
Sorta....I sold a domain name but never removed my backorder at the auction house....when the new owner failed to renew it....I got it back
Definitely. It's hard not to notice when a domain you sold winds up in TBR again. I sold a domain for somewhere in the over $20K range then saw it was days from going into TBR. I urgently emailed their lawyers, told them I'd give them $1000 for it and they agreed, quickly renewed it and sold it to me. I even told them I was the one who sold it to them 15 years earlier! Was pretty cool to get it back.

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