Have you ever sold the same domain twice or thrice? (1 Viewing)


Dec 19, 2020
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Have you ever sold the same domain twice? Or even thrice?

Or, have you ever reacquired a domain that you already sold once?

I'm sure some veterans here sold the same domains twice and that a lot of us have probably reacquired a domain we once sold.

Selling the same domain three times would be rather unreal but I bet it's happened before. Anyone here ever experience that?

I bring this up because I recently reacquired "thesmokeshop" (in .ca) after selling it a few years ago, and another domain i just reacquired yesterday via TBR. TheSmokeShop was a small sale but it was my only three-word domain at the time, and it's still the only 3-word domain i own today. No big money or expectations but it's nice to have it back. I guess you could say the buyer played hardball for years and I finally gave in since it was an older three-worder, and I used the profits towards renewals. Another interesting thing I learned is that Imperial Tobacco owns smokeshop.ca.


ps: THRICE.ca was on the drop on June 16th, 2019.
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Technically, I have sold the same name twice, to the same guy. But the second time, I called him when I noticed it was in TBR and asked if he let it expire on purpose or not, and he said no, it was an accident. I told him I could reacquire it for him for my cost, just because I'm a nice guy. Thankfully I got it back for not too much, but still in the $400+ range if I remember correctly. He did pay for it, but clearly he's not too smart with his domains. I sent him the auth code the second time and he's never bothered to transfer it back to himself, lol.
I had an almost identical situation Rob except that he did get it back as I pushed it to his Namespro account
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