PayPal has suspended dotDB permanently without explanation (1 Viewing)

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Jul 3, 2021
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We regret to inform you that our PayPal account has been permanently suspended because of someone's persistent abuse of our services and a miscommunication with PayPal. Unfortunately, this means that we can only accept credit cards as a payment method for now. We are actively seeking assistance to recover our PayPal account and restore it as a payment option.
dotDB - PayPal has suspended dotDB permanently without explanation.

How easy it is to lose your account because of 1 lousy customer.
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Don’t use PayPal for your subscription business​

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Don't use PayPal for your subscription business - Domain Name Wire | Domain Name News

I cancelled my paypal a while back, anytime a company screws over businessess/consumers we must show our displeasure.

In Canadian news, I also cancelled my TD bank accounts and MBNA World Elite Master Card which is underwritten by TD Bank.

If you are not aware why TD Bank is dangerous at the moment you also need to do some research.

Good thing I don't drink beer or Budweiser would be on my list next :ROFLMAO:

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