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Nov 4, 2020
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It's no secret that I am fiercely independent and am not willing to give up more than 10% commission on a domain name so I don't list my domains on market places in a traditional manner. My son and I have now completed the task of pointing three distinct catalogs over to MapleDots with a lot of them having the https certificate and the address fully visible in the address bar.


Others: (my bulk catalogues) will display like this: - so if you go to you get that address on the sale lander. The task to put up hundreds of https certificates is eliminated with that type of address.

In total I have a few thousand domains pointed at the lander and I made the lander (on purpose) only one page with almost nothing to distract other than an email address which makes it crystal clear we are in domain sales. Once I get a response sales@mapledot's goes to a canned response asking you to fill out a form. Example: if you inquire about your response will have this address: I do not offer pricing without that form filled out.

After landing on a domain like the client gets a link to contact or to visit to discuss domains. There are no other options and that is done for clarity and to assure we stay focused on the sale and nothing else.

On a lander (like if the client decided to click the MapleDots logo they are taken to a similar page only the top has a scroller with some of my favourite public domains. The client can click any of the domains to get to that page but at the end of the scroller is a direct link to my market page at:

I set a few thousand domains with a link back to but no longer forwarding directly to so this way we can see more of the natural traffic at

Here is an example of showing the scroller and that changes slightly when any domain is clicked.

Screenshot (84).png
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