What Will O.com Fetch?

Interesting article by Page Howe on the upcoming auction of o.com.

I have never been a huge fan of one or two letter domains because I think a one word domain can be much more descriptive.

That said, in the domaining industry the term dn is the holy grail of domains and I just noticed that Page own dn.biz


Re: What Will O.com Fetch?


The obvious end user for this domain is overstock.com but after their enormous purchase of o.co you wonder if there are any more funds left to spend on the com.

Overstock has also found out that short is not necessarily the best, given the fact they used o.co for a short time and then switched back to overstock.com with o.co forwarding to the latter.

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Re: What Will O.com Fetch?

Interesting article here regarding approvals needed and terms etc.
http://domainincite.com/24007-verisign- … m-for-7-85
And here
https://domainnamewire.com/2018/05/11/o … ain-names/
Seems the approval/process to offer a one letter .com takes some time and is quite involved.

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Re: What Will O.com Fetch?

True, Overstock has been a voice at ICANN for a long time trying to get single letter .COM domains allowed. They got much more quiet when o.co didn't quite work as well as expected, IIRC.

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