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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

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1. The community is self moderating, but one should not use foul language, or attack another member in a post. Criticize the post, or the idea, and not the member. Keeping it civil keeps the experience pleasant for everyone. If a topic becomes too heated we may decide to move it to the Hushed Forum which means the topic will no longer be visible to guests or google indexing. It also will not display in the daily stats section and that is done on purpose to allow the topic to cool down. Because we do not delete content a topic owner may request his topic be moved to hushed, we will look at this on a case by case basis to try and come to a mutual agreement.

2. Regular Topics are editable for 30 minutes (60 minutes for Verified Members) and after that they become permanent. is a database of information and other than grammar or spelling errors we do not edit posts after the edit time has elapsed. In rare cases, if absolutely necessary, you may use the REPORT POST option to make a request to change a post. is under no obligation to make the change and may or may not make the requested change. As a general rule we try to avoid edits if they affect the natural flow of the topic.

3. In the Marketplace you have full control, you can lock your topics, mark them sold, or edit them indefinitely. Each member is limited to 3 marketplace listings daily.

4. Anyone buying or selling in the Marketplace is welcome to do so, however the discussion is between the buyer and seller and will not enforce nor mediate a sales agreement. This is a free market economy and as such does not interfere with members ability to buy or sell on the forum. However, should we deem a member to be attempting, or committing, fraud then the member will be restricted from using the platform.

5. The Marketplace has an additional set of Guidelines which can be found here: Marketplace Guidelines

6. One should refrain from bumping topics with a word like bump. If you wish to bump a sales, or showcase topic, feel free to do so once per day but make the post relevant by explaining why you are bumping the topic.

You may notice we have very simple guidelines. This is quite on purpose because we are all adults and we intend for members to moderate themselves. We feel strongly that our little corner of the internet be friendly and open to all without draconian warnings and punishments imposed by similar sites. Such is how it should be in a free and open community.

The rules will be updated periodically to assure a safe environment that is beneficial for everyone.
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