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Nov 4, 2020
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Sponsor DN.ca​

Screenshot (2).png

Welcome aboard all new Sponsors!!​

  • With our new software and servers we have much higher overhead costs and need to cover the costs thereof.
  • Sponsors will be listed in the resource section of the main page as in the screenshot above.
  • Right now we are looking for Domain Service related type of sponsors.

A list of current sponsors is always updated here: Sponsors
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Sponsor Terms​

Sponsors will be listed at a cost of $80 per month.

Minimum duration is 3 months [ $80 x3 months = $240 ]

You get two months free if you sponsor for 1 year up front = $800 for the year.

You must supply a graphic logo with the dimensions of 32x32 pixels preferably in .png format.
We host this image but if you provide a link to it instead then you can track page impressions.

You get two lines of text..

First Line: can have up to 40 characters and x1 link.
Second Line: can have up to 90 characters and x2 links.
Second Line: can have a Red Sale at the end.

All communications should be done in this topic or via email to: admin@dn.ca

Payment can be made via...

e-Transfer to: sponsor@dn.ca


Wise: https://wise.com to pay@dn.ca
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I was worried you're putting in ads, I can live with a little sponsor link but if you start using ads I'll block them with uBlock Origin.
It's a tiny 32x32 graphic and a couple of lines of text and it's located at the bottom of the forum instead of as a banner.

So basically it's about as unobtrusive as it gets but it will still provide great coverage for the sponsor because they will imprint every time someone visits the main forum URL.

It's a great opportunity for a business that want's exposure to the Canadian Domaining market.

Technically I can get them up to two links in the ad, one to their website and one to their own support topic on dn.ca
The sponsor section is now open if anyone would like to take the first slot.
I believe our marketing team is on it :) We'd be happy to support the site.
Thank you FM, I can get started as soon as I get a graphic. I can put it up and then you can decide where to point it.

It will point to your website and a second link to a support topic here. You can open a new topic or supply me with a current topic link.
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I reserved the ad space on the bottom of the first page so you get an idea of what it looks like.

As everyone can see the sponsor space is very discreet and will not interfere with the viewing pleasure of the site.

Here is a mock up that still needs to be edited

Screenshot (40).png

You can edit the following...

1. First line (maximum length approx 40 characters so it fits on one line in mobile view)
2. Second line can contain a second link to anywhere you choose or a support topic on dn.ca (line maximum to a full line in desktop view)
3.You can use any small 32x32 graphic - we usually recommend your recognizable favicon, see example.

You can use something other than your site favicon and eventually I may yet look at inserting a small graphic within the body.

It all depends on what it looks like so that it does not interfere with the reading pleasure of the site.
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To all future sponsors...

In almost all cases websites have 32x32 favicons and I can easily pull that icon using website.ca/favicon.ico.

After that I convert it to png and upload it to our server to get it into the graphic.

Now if you want to track your page impressions you can simply give me a link to a 32x32 png hosted on your own server and when I insert it on our page you will be able to track the page impressions for yourself by tracking that image.

Either way is totally doable.

Now a quick hint...

If you self host the image and I link to it at businesssite.ca/foldername/image, then technically the business can change the graphic any time themselves by simply overriding the current folder image on their server. I can go into more details about that as someone wants to know more.
Thank you very much @efalcon @Sally @FM from WHC.ca for becoming our first sponsor.

The sponsorship AD is now live on our main page.

Screenshot (25).png

It is done in such a way that it does not interfere with the browsing experience but still showcases nicely.

We will be adding free perks and exposure for our sponsors in the near future.
I have used Canspace since 2016 for my reseller hosting and couldn’t be happier (y)
(I don’t actually resell hosting..just like the flexibility it allows )

I am happy to announce that Canspace has jumped in as our second sponsor. (y)
I did want to mention that the oldest sponsor remains on top.
If that ad expires the next sponsor moves up one notch.

So basically the longest running sponsor will always stay at the top unless they allow themselves to expire, in which case the next sponsor moves up.
This is great Frank, thanks for including this!
Chris from FullHost.com is our first ANNUAL sponsor.

FullHost has signed up for a 1 year term.

Please welcome them here: Welcome, FullHost

Remember all Sponsors can open topics in Domain Services to advertise their specials and services.

Sponsors also get a link on our New Link Exchange.




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