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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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Boardroom Access is granted to Voting Members Only

The Boardroom is an exclusive " By Invitation " only forum and it is open to industry elites or members who have contributed heavily to the building of our community. You must be an industry insider with a significant domain portfolio and willing to discuss the future policies and direction of the board. This is also the place to post any insider information that should not leave the confines of the Boardroom.

What is said in the Boardroom must stay in the Boardroom

Anyone republishing or discussing things from the Boardroom on other sites will immediately lose access to this exclusive forum. The topic owner is the only person that can discuss what it contains outside the confines of the Boardroom without losing Boardroom access.

Current Boardroom Members can invite other participants but the new participant must be voted in by other Boardroom members. The voting process will be an anonymous poll and there must be a 3 point lead for a member to qualify for entry. (Board Admins can invite an initial group)

The Boardroom will be used to test new ideas and to discuss policy changes.
It is also a place to discuss private sales or domain issues that should not be discussed publicly.

A list of Boardroom Members can be found here: Boardroom Members

Boardroom Members are voting members who decide on the direction of the website.

PS. As we move forward Boardroom Members will also get an exclusive set of perks not available to any other group.

Thank you for participating on
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