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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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Verified members are members whose name and/or business name and have been verified by

Verified Members have the highest reputation status and are confirmed to be legitimate business or domain owners.

Verified members will have a working website with real contact information in their profile.

  1. Verified Members have 1 hour edit time in posts (regular members have 30 min).
  2. Verified Members can open 6 marketplace topics daily in each forum (regular members get 3).
  3. Verified Members can have 6 links in their signature (regular members get 3).
  4. Verified Members get 3 lines of text in their signature (regular members get 1).
  5. Verified Members can contact 3 members in one private message (regular members can only contact 1 at a time).
  6. Verified Members can edit their private messages for 15 minutes after sending (regular members can edit them for 5 min).
  7. Verified Members can send private messages without flood controls (regular members must wait 5 min between messages).
  8. Verified Members can post without flood controls, regular members must wait 1 minute between posts.
  9. Verified Members can apply for access to the private " Boardroom " forum to talk with piers.
  10. Verified Members get a verification banner saying "Verified Member" under their Avatar in posts.
  11. Verified Members can bump sales topics every 12 hours in the Marketplace (non verified must wait 24 hours).
  12. Verified Members will appear on our Notable Members with a private heading called: Verified Members
  13. Verified Members get a Verification confirmation in their public profile: Public Profile
  14. Verified Members can send a Private unlimited messages quoting the post to the Post Author called: PM Author
  15. Verified Members get a free website link under the Verified Section in our: Link Exchange
  16. Verified Members can have 2 accounts, one for business and one for personal (regular members get one account).
  17. Verified Members may request a user name change (regular members need to re-register with a new user name).

More Verified Member perks are coming soon - Verified Membership is free for a limited time.

Qualifications to get verified​

  1. You must have a company or personal website members can visit (can be a landing page with store at dan or efty etc).
  2. Your listed website must have a way for clients to contact you (as in a contact us tab).
  3. You must fill out all Verified Fields in your Profile Settings on

Read this if you are an individual and do not have a business or business website:

Once we verify your information you will get verified status and all the perks above.

Fill out your verification settings in: Profile Settings

Thank you
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filled the info and did the “Send Verification Message”
Only if you bring candy and have a verified website. Looks like I need both.
  • Verified Members get a Verified Location Field under the Avatar on the posting screen.
  • Verified Members get a Verified Website Field under the Avatar on the posting screen.

This is new as of this morning.

Verified Members are asked not to change this once it's verified.
I just wanted verified members to know that your profile is not visible to google nor guests.
In fact the board is heavily restricted to guests and crawlers, they also cannot see the Boardroom, Showroom, Hushed Topics and they cannot use search.

I also have flood control enabled for regular members to PM, spam etc is severely limited until you achieve Verification Status.

This is all done to assure we maintain privacy in our Community.

I will be looking at all aspects of security in the next few days to make sure everything is properly addressed.
Xenforo software is pretty much on top of all of this and I have turned all the privacy settings so nothing is harvested from the profiles.

I need to clarify something​

You can get Verified Status as an individual as well.

For a business filling in the Personal Name is optional, you can fill in first name, first name last name, first name last initial or nothing at all. As long as you meet all the Business criteria the personal name can be left out.

However, there is a way to get verified without a business...

1. You must fill out First & Last Name
2. You need to use a landing page with a means to contact you as a website.
3. Or you can use your profile link to your store there. Since Dan can contact you that does qualify.

So if you don't have a business website you can use your lander on Dan but it has to have a store name so you cannot be incognito on or a similar service.
Lots of updates to the list in post #1

Members please keep in mind that Verified Member Status is free for a LIMITED TIME and the Free Status may be removed at any time.

Get yours now to assure your free status and keep the list of Verified Perks is growing every day.
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I am going to keep a running tab here as I add new features.

Today I added a Topic Count into each post and Member Profiles.

So now it Counts Topics, Posts & Likes

See to the left here for an example.
New changes and upgrades are coming to Verified for the new year.

Here are some of the changes we are thinking about for 2023...

1. Boardroom Access for verified members that have at least 25 topics, and 100 quality posts .
2. Verified Members must request Boardroom access and will be voted on by current members once we have 13 voting members. (one to break a tie)
3. The Bordroom Topics will be of the most sensitive nature and also contain some deleted topics that cannot be shown on the main board.
4. We will share insider information among only the most elite domainers.
5. Sponsors will offer special pricing to members with Boardroom access and will discuss future specials there.
6. New policies will be discussed in the Boardroom.
7. Verified Members will be able to delete other members posts in their For Sale topics.

More information to follow soon.
Thank you Frank for all the work you have done with helping to activate the .CA community. I hope I can be a help moving forward.

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