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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
Welcome to: :poop:

N a m e P r o s . c o m . = . N a m e P o o s . c o m

Some of you may have noticed that whenever you post a link to... the system automatically changes it to

Why do we do this you ask?

We do this purely for fun because namepros doesn't allow linking with other domaining forums. Whenever one posts a link on namepros to any other domaining forum it will change the link to: rule_violation

We thought this was a bit outdated and made a satire page at to explain why namepros is not featured in our Domain Forum Friends link exchange.

On the main page of our site you may have seen

Screenshot (46).png

This is a domain name forum exchange we started and so far we have participation by:

Canada -
Germany -
UK -
India -

We are currently working with Australia and China to establish a friendly link exchange as well and together we hope to make a worldwide network of friendly domaining forums.

Not only are the domaining forums mentioned above friendly to each other but they are mostly free of the draconian over moderation currently experienced at namepros.

So have fun, keep it light, and remember there are local alternatives to namepros with much friendlier communities. links back to this topic purely for satire and comic relief.
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So whenever someone posts you get the nice little notice below.

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Consider making it a forum so we can repost everything that's been deleted at namepros.
Of course this topic is meant to be good clean fun and it does not mean you cannot post links to namepoos, the link simply changes the "r" to an "o" in the word PRO.

When you post a link it can easily be copied to the address bar and the "o" can be changed back to an "r"

Try it on the link below:

So you are free to post as many links as you want and you will never get the rule_violation designation everyone gets at namepoos when a link is posted to another domaining forum.

The real will be launching soon and we have some fun things planned with this and are hoping other domaing forum will participate.

I will post more here when the OFFICIAL namepoos site launches.
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If your topic is deleted on namepros, remember you can post it anywhere here:

Screenshot (64).png

That is an image, the real links are on our front page.

Join the movement to uncensor the domaining industry, countless people have been draconiously censored and banned from namepros.

There are other options, support your LOCAL domaining forums.

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