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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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As some of you who are following my posts have probably read umpteen times, I am not a fan of following trends in the domain industry.


VR Domains, Crypto Domains, 420, marijuana etc.

I have often discussed that group categories end up being dominated by a few players. Yes we hear of big sales but we do not hear about the thousands of domains dropped that nobody ever buys.

I always say you can jump on the trend bandwagon but be highly selective in the domains you register and keep them to the highest quality. Try to pick maybe a half dozen to a dozen and then focus on something else.

On :poop: namepoos.com I know members who own thousands of 420 domains and asked for my help and all I could do was shrug. I did not have the heart to tell the member his investment was a loss. Now the real sad part about that was he was not able to meet his financial obligations for renewals and eventually dropped most of them.

Same goes for VR which I warned about very early and I was the target of numerous negative posts telling me I did not know what I was talking about. Now you hardly ever hear of a VR Domain selling anymore. I see them on the drop and can only feel sad for my fellow domainers.

Now I also know a few members that literally have thousands of crypto domains and there are only a few dozen viable targeted end user companies. Given the odds of a viable business actually using the name there are much better ways to diversify your domain portfolio than to own thousands of them. Remember that the sales you see reported are a rarity and not the norm, consider this before registering hundreds in a trending category. If you remove the made up sales the real sales figures would look very different. I have seen numerous reported sales where three months later the whois was still with the owner who reported the sale.

My advice is to forget the trends, participate with high quality and then set your own niche. Use something that is a national symbol where you have years of cross marketing to unlimited businesses. Or use terms that will be relevant in the future which justify owning domains for several years.

My motto today is I have to have at least one sale a year that pays my entire renewal fee or I need to crop my inventory. You cannot stay in business if you have thousands of non paying domains and especially if you are lumped into a single category that will soon be irrelevant.

Pick and chose wisely my friends, there is a wealth of knowledge available on :poop: namepoos.com if you learn how to properly use the search function.

That said.... there is no such thing as a stupid question, it is far more stupid to proceed with something where you have not asked the questions of your peers.

I wish all members the best of luck and hope I do not have to converse with too many of you that have hit bottom and cannot pay renewals. Please think ahead, we are all here to help you if you need us.
Now that we have that out of the way lets see if we can discuss upcoming trends for 2021

Crypto, Crypto, and Crypto

That will probably dominate and a lot of money will be spent on useless crypto domains.

I own a few and will not buy more..


I have a few more .com's but in total not more than 10
with crypto comes a whole new vocabulary as well, block, chains, defi, cedefi, cross chains, mainnet, testnet, pump, smart contracts, proof of work, proof of stake, staking, liquidity just to name a few.

I have 12 .com's and 13 .ca's in the niche

( I have done better in crypto in a month than I have in 6yrs of domaining lol )
always have a plan, do your research and stick to your plan. biggest things to conquer in Trading are Fear and Greed.
Only one crypto domain in my portfolio, cryptotracker.ca. As for consumer trends moving forward, I have a number of "electric vehicle" related domains that I'm hopeful will eventually carry some value in 2021 and beyond. The EV industry is growing rapidly, but is still in its early stages.
Also with crypto is the growing NFT market. some of the prices being paid for art, cards, etc is crazy right now. but its a young market that will likely grow over time.
Some ‘Bet’ related domains have had good sales recently. due to the expected opening up of sports betting in Canada and other jurisdictions, and single game betting.

Cannabis related domains will also make a comeback I think, as the US and rest of world opens up, and food and drink products are created.
With any theme you can only go so far in number of possible word combinations.

Take crypto, there are only so many that make sense in .ca. Once you’re into CryptoOnion.ca and CryptoManure.ca you’ve gone too far! lol

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