Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON
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To offset our expenses we are now offering Paid Premium Listings.

The Premium listing comes with a custom URL:

Premium Listings also come with a PREMIUM listing designation clickable in the NamePost forums.

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Listing Fee for Canadians is $25 CAD per domain payable by e-transfer to

Listing Fee for International is $25 USD per domain payable by to

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Custom URL:

We are using the following URL structure

If you want to assign a PREMIUM tag and custom URL please click the report link in your post and I will activate it for you.

Not all domains will qualify for PREMIUM status but you can look at current premium Domains to get an idea what is premium.

Once approved you will be asked to e-transfer $25 to to cover the Premium Listing Fee

Keep in mind by using this service you are supporting expenses at
All income will be reinvested back into the service to assure constant upgrades for a world class .CA member site.
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Are these good enough for premium?
What would you rather do...

Pay a commission on sales?
2. Make your own lander but not be in grouped exposure?

3. Pay a one time listing fee of $25 to list with other premium domains while at the same time supporting our great Canadian resource at!!

The listing is ad free and there is a link on every listing where clients can see all your premium domains.

Match it with a free Market Page and you have a winning combination (y)

PS. We don't see a lot of financial support and with the upcoming Xenforo updgrade we have to update most of our custom scripts which means we will have additional expenses. Plus we are once again outgrowing our server resource, our monthly page count is in the millions taking us over our resources.

Supporting Premium Listings allows us to fund raise without asking for donations.

[ATTACH type="full" alt="Screenshot (31).png"]6148[/ATTACH]

[HEADING=1][CENTER][COLOR=rgb(198, 0, 0)]R e d . c a[/COLOR][/CENTER][/HEADING]
[SPOILER="Show Price"]
[B][SIZE=5]Offers over $250,000[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=5]Discuss in topic or make an offer at:[/SIZE][/B]
[URL=''] | Inquiry |[/URL]

See more Domain Names at:
[URL='']Market | MapleDots[/URL][/CENTER]

If anyone likes the look of my listings the above is the source code of my post.
Simply click the square as in the picture below when you are editing your listing and paste my code from above.
Then edit the code to your licking to get a similar look. You have to delete my attachement and upload your ownimage and once done your listing will look like mine.

Feel free to use this or a variation of it anywhere on the board.

See a working example at

Screenshot (32).png

Claim your FREE Premium Listing

All members are allowed one Free Premium listing, simply click the REPORT button on any post in your listing and ask for it to be activated. You should pick one of your best domains to assure it fits into the Premium Category.

Keep in mind it is a PREMIUM Listing and not necessarily a Premium Domain. We do accept two words etc but it should be of a certain quality where potential clients can click the PREMIUM button and see good quality domains.

Why is a PREMIUM listing worth $25?

1. There is no commission payable.
2. The listing does not expire.
3. You can edit your listing at any time.
4. You can click "Report" to have any post removed from your listing.
4. It automatically attaches to your Market Page and other listings.
5. It is grouped with other PREMIUM Listings and will attract laser focused potential clients.
6. In a group of Premium listings it will attract more potential clients.
7. Your domain is listed on a reputable Canadian resource.
8. You are listing in CAD for .ca's making it more desirable.
9. You are supporting operational expenses for
10. All profits will be reinvested in

So go ahead, try your free PREMIUM listing today (y)
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