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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I guess this is big news in .com but if you apply it to .ca they are some pretty weal purchases. So much so that I doubt I would have gone after any one of them had they been available in .ca.

The one word .com market is crazy, does not matter the word, you can make some serious change.

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I never followed him in the past, but it seems like Brent only got more into domain investing since the whole GD fiasco. Maybe it's because he had the entire domain community behind him and supporting him? Could be a motivating factor, or maybe it's always been same for him and it's just that bloggers are covering him more often now? Je ne sais pas, but I like that he's part of the community and how he supports it.
I think he is doing good for the industry, unlike the Booth brothers who have gone full bore into NFT's.

Lots of money in NFT's but the unfortunate part is there is an unlimited supply, you can always make more and common sense tells you eventually the bottom has to drop out. When NFT investors make money they claim they made 400k but instantly invest it in more NFT's. Did they really make the money then or do they just own more drawings.

A profit is only when you put it in the bank and hopefully NFT investors know when to do that because when the bottom drops out there will be a lot of cute cheap pictures on the internet.

Domains on the other hand are finite unless you want to go for poor quality, the bottom cannot drop out so they are a long term steady growth investment. If history has taught us anything is that boom investments eventually fall flat. It will be interesting to see how long NFT's can hold on.
after seeing Recursion.com sell for $904,000 in the past year, anything can happen.

I think especially tech, gaming, crypto, blockchain and biotech wave of startups has really opened up the need for domains, and the one words are the gold.

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