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Dec 19, 2020
I don't know the prices but apparently these sales occurred at Dan:

2022-02-09 - aimeta.ca
2022-02-05 - summerhillgroup.ca
2022-02-04 - jokers.ca
2022-02-02 - attentivemobile.ca
2022-01-26 - liverosin.ca
2022-01-12 - recyclingcalgary.ca
2022-01-04 - hormonetherapy.ca

I got the info from this chinese guy/bot on twitter that does a daily report on domain sales (at dan.com). I'm guessing he just scans listings and takes notes whenever he see's the domain sold. His twitter account is rather new (Oct 2021) so I'm pretty sure the above are all the .ca sales he mentioned so far.

This is the dude:

ps: I have reason to believe these sales are legit because he did catch the two domains I sold in January. One of which is in the list above, and another which was a .co. Not huge sales so I didn't bother reporting either, but still a solid ROI.

Anyway, figured i'd mention it because he might seem questionable if you were to visit his twitter profile and see all the porno/profanity domains he's promoting.
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