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Nov 4, 2020
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Direct link to post on X.com

Dan is a close friend of mine and we have been discussing this case for a while. I can tell you Dan gave them every opportunity to resolve this situation amicably and he basically got ignored. Dan contacted everyone possible before going public and this just goes to show there is no dealing with Epik, be it the old or the new iteration.

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Thank you Frank for keeping a tab in this for me. A lot of people have been hurt by the actions and inaction of Epik. While using the illegitimate transfer of my domain to draw attention to the problems at Epik this is not about me. I am not alone. Many others are complaining about the loss of of domain names and money at epik. If the cost of ending the problems which have plagued epik was the forfeiture of my domain I would do it. Considering that the recent corporate restructuring at Epik was done specifically in part to address compliance and security issues the beleaguered registrar has suffered from in recent times the loss of a valuable domain name due to an internal error on the new teams watch is concerning indeed. Adding insult to injury the manner and style in which Epik had chosen to communicate with me since acknowledging the loss of my domain has in my view been far below a standard acceptable to me from my registrars. The think that strikes me about this is that even given my understanding experience and contacts in this space this has been a stressful time consuming and frustrating process and it may well become quite costly. I can't help but think about how difficult this could be for a mom and pop shop without any domain knowledge contacts or experience.they wouldn't even know where to start. It is those people that need to be protected from registrars who do not have the appropriate compliance and security measures in place. How would they ever manage dealing with the kind of situation I find myself in? The problems at Epik need to be addressed once and for-all in order to protect the interests of consumers otherwise in my opinion their accreditation ought to be rescinded. I am going to use whatever skills and voice I have in the community to help bring an end to the carnage seems to be continuing uninterrupted at epik despite the recent "restructuring! The domain name community's stories support and retweets are both needed and appreciated . Let's put an end to registrar over reach!
Announce the domain, it's like posting a sale on twitter with no details, nobody takes it seriously without facts.

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After doing Googling the domain:
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How about some more details about what actually happened.

What has Epik told you?

In order to transfer the domain at some point someone had to get your AUTH code.

Was your account logged into by another party at Epik?

Bare in mind Epik had a massive data breach that revealed passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information. So, who knows what data was in the hands of a third party.

There have also been numerous reports of other unauthorized transfers.

GoDaddy might not be great, but I certainly don't trust Epik.com at face value. They have spent more than a year scamming customers, leaving a trail of victims behind.

Epik.com is still accredited under Epik Inc.

"Epik LLC" is not an ICANN accredited registrar. They are just pretending to be one.

They are either being run by the same clowns that created this mess to begin with, or new clowns that have no idea how to operate a registrar.

Either way. Get out while you can.

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To me it appears Epik is owning up to their error and genuinely trying to help with the delay being godaddy.

I know what the domain is (Dan's a good friend) and it needs to come back to him. Teh domain is running a live site and hosted on godaddy with both Epik and Dan having provided all the details to GoDaddy. The ball is only in one court at this time and it seems like the case is not being elevated at the GoDaddy end.

This is not good PR for GoDaddy and the best solution here would be for GoDaddy to assign it a priority of some kind.

@jamesiles is there anything you can do to elevate this?

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