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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Have I mentioned how much I love .ca domains?

Anyone that says they cannot get one for business or personal use is not trying hard enough.

I have hundreds of domains and when my wife asked for one to launch her blog I figured no big deal and said sure. Guess which ones she picked? Well that was not hard, Pink or pure. I hesitated and told her that I am not willing to use a one word for personal blogging purposes.

So she asked me to help find her a domain and I did it successfully in under ten minutes. She is ecstatic about her new domain name and all it cost was a registration fee.

The site will be about poetry written by my wife, so I started with her initials which are JEM. I then thought that JEM sounds a lot like GEM and started searching for a strong supporting word and came up with Stone.

So Jemstone.ca was born.

My wife immediately loved it because it has her initials and sounds like gemstone.

A gemstone is something of quality and value that took years to create.

Hmm could almost be a blog right?

Did I say I loved .ca?
Great anecdotal story Frank *THUMBSUP*
MapleDots said:
Have I mentioned how much I love .ca domains??

No I don't believe you mentioned it. What a surprise! Learn summon new everyday

Love the domain given her name

I said the other day you can't get a domain name without the letters DAN in in and the Candain Internet Registration Authority is called CIRA

DomAiN CIRA....DAN CERA....I think domains were my destiny

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