.AI domain names are like gold mines (4 Viewing)

.AI domain names are like gold mines

No, they're a fad with a short expiration date

A lot of people are going to be sitting on expensive real estate when the next .fad rears it's head.

They laughed when everyone was using their crazy monkey avatars and I said the same about NFT's.

My favourite fad/fraud was Paradise Trippies.... who the heck did not see that coming?



The list keeps going and going

In all the cases above I posted about them being fads, I remember arguing about vr domains with someone namepoos way back and I bought one vr domain, VRStick.com and I sit on it to this day to remind me to keep away from the fads.

,ai and .io and .xyz are all temporary

Can you make money on temporary?

Yup, just don't pay for inventory you can't sell later.
FWIW, of all the domains in my (albeit small) portfolio, the domains that get the most purchase inquiries (2022-2023 time frame), by far, are my one-word .ai domains. Haven't sold any of them yet, but I sure hope to. Majority of my portfolio is .com and I have no plans to change that.
The Booth boys are still scamming people

I know, and you can tell when they preface their comments with stuff like "I'm not promoting .AI" that they ARE heavily promoting it for their own profit.
To me the craziest thing of all time was twitter full of ape avatars, it was almost surreal.

It was the perfect storm - COVID created an everyone-work-at-home/no vacations scenario, thereby having bored people online all day, and this really helped drive digital items and other collectibles right through the roof.

There were big bags of money just waiting to be spent for stupid crap online, that otherwise would have gone to traditional outlets like restaurants, stores, vacations, etc. It was truly an insane time, and a perfect opportunity for scammers.

But now that people are "out and about" some (like NFTs) are dead while others (Pokemon/Sports/etc. cards) are continuing to drop back to pre-COVID levels.
AI is just the next wave so ride it while it lasts.

over the years in domaining there have been a lot of keyword crazes, good example is 'VR' posted above. VR+keyword domains were hot for a while.

AI is definitely going to grow, but in 5 or 10 years it may just be an accepted thing and the AI part doesn't matter anymore, it will just be a common technology.

but for now it's obvious to see a lot of AI domain sales riding the wave, good for those who had foresight to get good single word .ai domains.

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