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Nov 11, 2020
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Looks like Pierre Poilievre’s campaign failed to register an important domain when they decided to use On the same day was registered, someone scooped up It now forwards to an old article from the CBC from 2008:

You would think the campaign manager or whoever does the domain registration would see that “4” and “for” could be easily mistyped into any browser.

I do not own the domain nor do I know who owns it but I think a for sale lander would be better. Unless the owner is not looking to sell it.
Nice find!

The "for" COM also goes to the same CBC article.

Best part is, I think, is that their actual logo on the site uses "for" in it :D
This is the order the domains were registered: registered 2022-02-01T16:00:49Z registered 2022-02-01T18:34:24Z registered 2022-03-16T19:00:00Z

So the first two were registered 2.5 hours apart, with the "ForPM" going first. Interesting....
someone's betrayed the campaign manager! @=
I though I saw in the drop this month?

I like the guy but boy is his last name probably hard for many people to pronounce.
Also I prefer

If that is the worst they can come up with for Pierre, it pales to all the articles you could use for Trudeau.

Try finding an article where Trudeau gives a sincere apology for one of his misdeeds, instead of calling it a learning experience for all of us, or that she must have experienced it in a different way.
I like Pierre so far. It’s almost like he’s too good to be true. I have also been following Roman Baber. I like him as well.

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