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Nov 28, 2020
Toronto, ON
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Over the years we get a lot of inquiries for our domains.

We have received inquiries from comic book writers to hockey players partners and even radio hosts.

Anyone have interesting stories or people that have inquired about their domains? It’s not a common thing these days as most people typically get someone else to do the inquiries but it still happens once in a while.
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Nope. Nada.

Your portfolio sounds way more exciting :D

Is that available anywhere btw? Just out of curiosity :)
Unfortunately not, but some of my names are out there.

I forgot to mention the olympics Jamaican swimmer who told me my asking price was ridiculous! I enjoyed that one…
I can't think of any I'd call a major celebrity. I have an olympian story too, but I helped him acquire a domain.

I'm guessing I've talked/emailed with a lot of pretty successful people in 17 years of domaining, but most of the time I assume I didn't even realize it.
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I sold some .ca's to an NBA player who was getting into domain investing, back in the 2000's. Forget his name right now.

Have sold a few 'digital assets' to well known 'celebrity' names in the domain industry.
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