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Oct 13, 2021
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Social justice signaling was encroaching pretty much on every space unchecked, but now they decided to come between people's relationship with forgettable tasting beer. Beer drinkers are slow to change habits, and it seems the brand and maybe the company will be ruined. The CEO, being in the CIA, didn't, and the company, a member of WEF, didn't do anything positive for the PR. I guess what complicates things is Anheuser-Busch was a GOP donor. I can sympathize with costly blunders, and this reminds me of the Ratner Group CEO's costly joke story from the UK.

Maybe go easy on beer as some contain phytoestrogen and prolactin and will increase estrogen production unless that is what you are looking for:)
The only thing that concerns me is that predators can dress up like women and follow my little girl into the bathroom.

Documented cases of perverts calling themselves women and dressing up to indulge their sick fantasies.

I am beyond pissed!!!
The only thing that concerns me is that predators can dress up like women and follow my little girl into the bathroom.

It's the same with convicted rapists declaring trans to try to get transferred to a female prison, or guys with bad intentions going trans and then getting into female shelters. The list goes on and on. and I cannot believe women are supporting this movement, as it just invites more violence, abuse and oppression.

Just look at that video from the TTC where a girl gets the crap kicked out of her by a big trans in a wig/extension, while TTC security watches and laughs, and everyone else films it. That's where our idiot society is trending - effectively giving men the ability to beat up or abuse women with zero consequences.
Eventually enough people will wake up and the pendulum will swing back the other way. We are living in strange times when every year the envelope is pushed farther and we're all just supposed to accept it as being progressive. Logic and common sense have left the room. Everyone deserves basic human rights, equality, and protection from discrimination and abuse, but so many special interest groups these days want MORE than that. So much of the rest of the world must be laughing at us dealing with these extremes and focusing attention on it, when there is so much else going on that really needs attention.

I expect to see more brands that represent certain values pop up to give consumers a choice to support their beliefs with their wallet. For example, Black Rifle Coffee has built a brand around supporting veterans, law enforcement and first responders, and is doing well in a saturated coffee market because they set themselves apart with a cause.

Wouldn't be surprised to see a beer company do the same, for those on the bandwagon against Bud Light now.
Happened in Windsor.

Transgender female given access to women’s shelter wanted for sexual assault - The Counter Signal

I am not overly optimistic about people being able to effectively push back on this. Obviously it doesn't make sense for brands to embrace such campaigns. I would guess Mulvany's audience is younger and probably under 18. And now Nike expects their customers to buy female clothing based on trans recommendation/endorsement.

Besides radical gender identity and CRT pushed on kids there are plenty of others:
DEI in hiring
ESG in finance
and everything else is systemic racism and discrimination:)



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