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Jan 27, 2021
Toronto, ON
Has anyone here experienced delays in approving payments? I got asked about this and I haven't put through a transaction recently and not aware of it.
Its hit or miss, sometimes its super fast, sometimes it takes a couple days, especially over a weekend. I assume this is 100% dependent on the buyer and how they pay.
I like better than Escrow

Day 1 Domain sold

Day 2 Due Diligence

Day 3 Payout

Day 4 money is in transit

Day 5 in account

Due Diligence is only done on first sale, after that the process is one day faster.

My plans are to bring all my sales through the Dan network for 5%
I already pay 3% credit card so for the safety of going through DAN the 2% is worth it.

PS. Add 2 days if it happens on a weekend, Dan closes on weekends.
Thank you [notify]rlm[/notify] and [notify]MapleDots[/notify]. Will let them know. It used to be super fast. My best was experience was when everything was completed in one day. The buyer had credit at Escrow from another sale and that closed the deal in just hours.
I have used in the past but found them slow on 2 different transactions. As mentioned above, I do like DAN and I personally like escrow. It’s fast and very easy.
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Well that Dan payout schedule isn't really any faster than Escrow, I've had huge sales hit my bank account within 24 hours of starting the transaction - and small ones that take 4 or 5 days. I'm pretty sure its just down to banking rules and the id verification stuff they all have to do. If your buyer is already set up and verified with either system, it will be faster for sure. If the buyer has to go through the verification stuff that will slow things down, it just depends on how quick the buyer submits the info and if its a weekend or not. In either case, I don't think a particular slow or fast transaction is either of Dan's or Escrow's doing, its just the particulars of that buyer...
Makes sense [notify]rlm[/notify] Couldn't agree more. Thanks everyone for your time in responding.
every time I've used it's always worked out in a reasonable amount of time. I imagine most of these escrows have their issues from time to time.
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We use on a weekly basis. In general, transactions run pretty quickly, especially in Concierge Mode (which is very fast for Sellers to get paid). Wire payments sent to are typically confirmed within 24 hours, and payouts to Sellers typically happen within 24 hours of Closing Statements being sent. If Buyer is paying via Credit Card or PayPal, that slows things down since has to verify those payments are legit. Same for payments in AUD, that is slower than USD.

In general, as a company works 9-5 Monday to Friday PST, so if you are doing stuff during those time periods you will get faster results.
Thanks Bill. Your explanation makes sense. I have used them quite extensively also in the past and had not many issues. Seems like they have added the GBP option too. I didn't notice it.

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