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Dec 4, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario
I'm embarrassed to say that I know almost nothing about .ca domain values. I only own a few, I've never sold one, and I haven't followed sales trends. Fortunately is here to get me on track to being a smart .ca investor!

CoLearn (dot) ca is a name I registered last year after having sold the .com version for a mid-low five figure amount in April 2020. I was actually surprised to find it available since the, .co,, .club, .education, .id, and probably some others are already being actively used. It's been registered in over 60 extensions, and there are some other existing companies with similar names (ColearnVR, Colearnr).

Collaborative anything is trending these days, and the online learning/education space is only going to keep growing as we continue to discover how woefully ill-prepared the school systems were/are to shift to quality online learning.

The name is currently listed for $4,888. Am I underselling?
Personally I think it is a bit of an awkward name but you hit the nail right on the head, it will be in demand right now.

Personally I would price it around 5k so in MY opinion you are right in the ballpark to actually move it if someone is interested.

With the lockdowns I think tutors will come more in demand as kids grades slide into oblivion so registering some related domains might bring in a bit of coin.

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