Are domainers still registering trademarks? (1 Viewing)

I always say.... made up names like REALTOR or unusual combinations like FACEBOOK are the easiest trademarks to defend. There is no reason for anyone to use them other than the owner of the mark. In my opinion if you register a known trademark for the purpose of resale you deserve what you get.

I once read a statement from the CRA where they said ignorance is not an excuse, they will still prosecute if you say I DID NOT KNOW.

It is the job of a domainer to make sure they know what they are doing before going in and registering domains.

I remember years ago registering and before I knew REALTOR was a trademark. I dropped the domains and they were picked up for years, especially the .com. I made it a point to warn every subsequent owner until the domains finally stayed dropped. That was a task and a half :)

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (21).png

Notice above how the Trademark REALTOR is available in all extensions whereas REALTY is taken across all extensions. Wisdom has finally prevailed, it only took over 10 years ;)
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Some are registering obvious TM and using the logos from the TM to promote the domain.

Just saw another post bragging about how he's making parking $$ using TM domain.

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