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Nov 4, 2020
Toronto, ON

Tough Loss on Arm.CO UDRP

Global computer chip maker ARM filed a UDRP against the ARM.CO domain name. The company operates its business on the domain name. I presume ARM wanted to control the .CO domain name in the event of typos and/or to prevent someone else from owning it. The UDRP decision was published today, and the single panelist ruled in favor of the chip manufacturer.

The respondent did not have an attorney represent him in the UDRP. Although an attorney may have been helpful in responding to a UDRP, I do not think it would have been a good use of money. Legal fees could have cost several thousand dollars, and if an attorney suggested paying for a 3-person UDRP panel, it would have been even more expensive. Spending thousands of dollars to defend a .CO domain name like this probably would have been unwise, particularly since the most likely buyer is the company that filed the UDRP in the first place.

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Technically this is a ccTLD so there might be some caution for .ca owners.
theinvestor said:
Title is incorrect….got me worried there for a second.

O crap, better change that from a .ca to a .co

So used to typing .ca :D

Anyways, corrected, thanks for the heads up.

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