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Nov 4, 2020
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My kids bought a few sparklers and on the packaging was

When you punch it into the address bar it defaults to french and you have to hit an English link, which is not that obvious before it goes to

We purchased these fireworks in Ontario and the packaging was in English and French

So lets imagine the products are only sold in Canada and not the USA. Is it wise to put French first when the majority of provinces are English?
This is actually quite common in Quebec many small businesses have their websites in French . The people of Quebec are very proud of their language. When you get into the large businesses you will see that shift into English as the first option. Some don’t even have the choice to change into French. A company that comes to mind is SNC-Lavalin.

When I decided to go to I see that it’s for sale and even the inquiry page is in English and French…I wonder who they’re targeting.
It's headquartered in Quebec as per their contact information, so it's not surprising.

They could probably geotarget to serve up the English version for anyone outside Quebec though....would save a click for most people

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