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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Screenshot - 2022-08-11T090631.060.png is taken, so as a Canadian business what would you do?

Take the .cc of course as in

Huh what, er, say again please? o_O

By the way... is a well thought out domain and the website graphics are fantastic. The navigation is a bit odd on desktop though and the site owner needs to upload a favicon. There is no excuse for not having one, it is an important site identifier. is a doamin obviously picked for it's c for cycle possibility but both the domain and website could be improved.

In case you don't know it .cc is from...

Maybe it's because of this below? But that would only seem to make sense for electric bikes?


I also saw someone say this on reddit, which makes the most sense i think:
As said before, initially it had nothing to do with cycling, but overtime it has become used by a lot of cycling related companies. In Canada (bilingual country) for example, CC works for Cycling Company, Cycling Club, club cycliste and compagnie cycliste, so it's quite a popular name for purely marketing reasons.

So .CC has become a popular extension for cycling or anything road related?
That's news to me.
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Bicicletta is a silly name for a Canadian company, most of the population will not be able to spell that without having the name in front of their nose. would've been better option. or a 2 word domain.
They use the domain for email as well. NOPE
I kinda like bicicletta, since it's a Spanish word i already knew, but i agree it's probably not the easiest to spell for most Canadians.

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