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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Hello fellow members

Just wanted to let you know that there are big changes coming to for July 1st, 2022

We will be future proofing our community by moving to the Xenforo platform. This will assure our software never goes out of date and our cloud servers will never go down.

I am investing a fair bit of money to get the software converted and to purchase the licensing and necessary server space.

The backbone of the community is being built as we speak but there is a lot of work to be done before it is ready for the change over. At one point in time in the next few weeks I will have to take the board offline to migrate the user accounts and posts over to the new software.

It is a giant task but moving forward it will be the best thing to assure the longevity of our community. It will also allow me to add many new features for our members.

So hold on to your hats, it's going to get interesting in the next month.
PS. I know I discussed the possibility of changing names to but I have decided against that and will continue with instead.

The namepost project was unfortunately not successful and will be shuttered down.

All in all I look at it as a positive experience because it allowed me to learn the Xenforo platform and you can visit to see how the NEW will look and feel moving forward.

I am using the namepost project as a template so things will look basically like that. Play around with that site and you will understand exactly how the new will look and function.
Thank you [notify]MapleDots[/notify], we appreciate what you do for all of us. Looking forward to seeing the change.
Thank you [notify]MapleDots[/notify] for all what you do to the community here and the .CA space at large. Much appreciated.
Thanks for creating such a robust site for our community Frank *THUMBSUP*
Agreed, while its easy to take it for granted time to time, we all do appreciate it.
I'm in for anything with Private Messaging. @=
The new software will have another Buy & Sell section.

Buy & Sell topics have a whole lot of new permissions so it opens up a whole new world of what we can do with auctions names etc.

What do you think of the new slogan?


I think it explains better what we do because it's technically not domains as much as it is .ca domains.
MapleDots said:
The new software will have another Buy & Sell section.

Buy & Sell topics have a whole lot of new permissions so it opens up a whole new world of what we can do with auctions names etc.

The new software will have an option where users can auction off their names here? Did I read that right? :)
Yes here is whats new for Buy & Sell

1. Auctions can be run
2. Sales topics can be edited by owner
3. Topic Owner can open/close topic

We will also have public and private forums. The hushed forums are not indexed and not available to guests.

Forum levels are...

Member - regular member
Verified Member - member verified with public website and contact information (adds credibility to sales)
DN Guide - a DN insider - top level with inside board access, also responsible for guiding new members.
Service Rep - Someone who represents a domain service

With the new software you can be a member of more than 1 group, so we could make a service rep a guide as well.

Full PRIVATE Messaging system

A link exchange where you can post your website

Lots and lots more including a public chat room which is live and you can even hold auctions in there live at a specific time.

I have been running some of this at so again you can look arounf there, the feel will be the same. will be shuttered or sold off to the highest bidder.
The Buy and Sell section will allow for sales of other extensions as well but the topics will have a default .ca tag which has to be changed to .com or .other when selling other domains.

Technically I decided for that because a lot of people have Canadian flavoured domains like or or etc etc.

This way it allows members to also promote or sell other extensions but in all reality that will probably be fairly minor.
Oh yes....

I have not decided yet but I may put on a dark skin as well.

At the rate I am proceeding the release may come before July 1st but I set that as a target date in case there are any hicups converting the database to the new software.
I am actively working on the new forum today.

A preview can be viewed at:

Please note this is a temporary address until officially migrates to there.

Since we are migrating users the preview site is currently not accepting registrations.

The site is constantly changing so head over and take a look once in a while and provide feedback here.
The new Forum is now done and in the near future I will have to shut down for a few days so I can export the database.

Once exported I figure I have about two days of work to put on the finishing touches. and work out any bugs.

Meanwhile you can go to:

to check out the final look and feel.

You can register and post but the database there will be overidden with this one once we export to it. So basically any posts or topics there are for testing purposes only but the forum layouts have been finalized unless anyone has any suggestions.

On the new forum we have 3 major new features...

2. A full Marketplace
3. A chat Room to conduct LIVE AUCTIONS

Feedback is always welcome

PS. This version rocks on Mobile *THUMBSUP*
I am also looking for feedback as to if it should be called

Domain Names Canada


Domain Name Canada

Now is the time to make that decision

I set the new website to Domain Name Canada so you can see how it looks in the wild.
I like Domain Names

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