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"Domain Names" i'd say too. Plural works better i think, given we're all about domains rather than a domain, however, you might have your reasons to choose otherwise.
Can you explain to us a bit more how auctions might work, [notify]MapleDots[/notify]? I really like this idea and just curious how it might work.

For example, will the chat room be the only place to hold auctions, and will there be any rules or any built-in functions such as a timer, notifications, etc? Or do we just open a chat room for the auction, invite everyone people to join, and set an end-time ourselves?
Auctions will have regular topics within the marketplace where an owner can ask for bids and specify a live time in the chat room near the end date of his auction.

Owners can set there own end date and send it to live or keep it in topic.

Much like you can have a Godaddy auction and then send it to live.

I started with a basic chat but on my next one it will have private rooms and lots of options.

Newsroom - was called news & feedback

Lunchroom - was called speakers corner

Showroom - was called trusted member discussions

Boardroom - is new and is for very senior members only

Chatroom - is new and open to all members but will eventually have separate live auction rooms.


You might also notice that word Forum Guidelines in the menu below.


Moderators are Community Guides

Rules are Forum Guidelines and Marketplace Guidelines


Keep in mind everything is fluid and may yet change but this is the new design concept to make the community as inviting as possible for all members.
This is how guests see the rooms when they log in.


A security concern by [notify]GeorgeK[/notify] on our current board is addressed here.

Topic descriptions are not available to guests or member without access permissions.

Topic titles are visible in Hushed Topics because we want to encourage guests to join.
The Hushed topics are accessible by all members but not to guests and google. So any topic starter can request their topic gets moved there if they feel it took a wrong turn or they don't want it on google.

If you are going to open a contentious topic this is the place to do it because it stays private to members only.

This is also the place where we will move topics that take a wrong turn and are not following our member etiquette guidelines.


Disclaimer: Again everything is fluid and I am discussing things behind the lines with industry piers and making changes daily based on suggestions and concerns.

You can add any suggestions here in topic as well.

In each marketplace forum you have to pick from one of four prefix tags

1. For Sale

2. Auction

3. Wanted

4. Sold

More examples:



I am using muted colours for the prefixes because I want the board to look classy and unified instead of all the garish colours on other forums.

Profiles are totally customizable showing as much or as little information as you are comfortable with.

Note when you follow someone you have a feed just like in twitter.


I also added a refresh icon where you can instantly refresh your feed, new posts etc without leaving the screen


Notice no Garish colours, all understated and a cohesive design

I decided against a dark skin at the moment because I wanted to keep the design language cohesive with the darker blue as our new board colour and in our favicon.
We're going from minimal forum to premium forum upgrade. Lots of cool features. Thanks [notify]MapleDots[/notify]

Showroom is for existing members or we have to get verified?

Boardroom - for trusted members only?

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