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Trusted is now called verified

Trusted was a loaded word, we only have the power to verify. If a trusted members cheats we do not want to be held liable.

The boardroom is for industry veterans with portfolios over 100 names. It will be where we test new features and set new board policies. It will only have a handful of senior/well known domainers. Any member can apply once they have been verified and meet the entry stringent requirements. Only a few real domainers, with real portfolios, a strong domaining presence, or social media following can enter the boardroom. It is one step above trusted/verified and the highest achievement for a board member.
The showroom and boardroom will display a widget at the bottom where you can see what members are part of the room when you are logged in.

Showroom and Boardroom discussions cannot be discussed in other topics or on other websites.

Anyone breaking that rule will instantly lose access to that section.

In other words...

What happens in the boardroom stays in the boardroom.

What happens in the showroom stays in the showroom.

No exception... they are places for real domainers to have real discussions without fear of them being published all over the internet.

Domainers can hold private sales in the showroom open to other Verified members only. You can freely discuss wholesale pricing without having it published all over the internet.
Like this…will my history be available to just me or other members..mods..admin

MapleDots said:

You have a history link where you can instantly see what topics you visited so you can easily go back to one.
jaydub said:
Like this…will my history be available to just me or other members..mods..admin

It is private for each member, so when you click it you see your history only.

I also implemented this...


It's a Your Threads button so when you click it in each forum you instantly see your topics.

No more searching for topics you made a couple of months ago.

Again, totally private to each member.

Once you click it, it looks like this

Add my vote for "domain names canada"


I am thinking of re-purposing these domain names

Each one of the NamePost domains would be a shortcut and take you directly to the matching marketplace on

So instead of calling it Buy & Sell .ca it would be called, which is basically exactly what you are doing, posting a domain for sale.

I am shutting down but trying to bring some of the .com users over to So all the Canadians who are using .com's or others have a place to come and do commerce but still get educated on .ca.

I have made no final decision on this, just gauging feedback from the members first.

I posted both images above so you can get an idea what each would look like in actual use.



Each one of the domains would take you to the proper section in the marketplace and the url would look like this for each forum with all 3 namepost domains forwarding to its proper section.

I think that may pick up a bit of extra overflow traffic for the board as a whole and any increase we can get that shows off .ca to the .com world would be worth the effort, especially for the Canadian visitors.
The forum will be locked this Tuesday Jun 28 or Wednesday Jun 29 as we export the database. That means you can look at it but you will not be able to post.

Once the database migrates I have to do my magic and that may take a few days while I set everything up.

The tasks....

- reorder all the forums
- make sure all links are working
- batch convert all the images so they sit on our server
- reassign member groups
- reassign forum permissions
- rewrite forum guidelines
- send out notification emails
- migrate the domain name over to the new server (can take 48 hours to complete)

I will also be decommissioning namepost and forwarding the 3 domains over to our new marketplace to pick up the additional traffic.

I am hoping for about a 2 day downtime but that is only because we cannot have information posted on the new and old forum at the same time as I am migrating the information.
Thanks for all the work and effort you put into these forums Frank *THUMBSUP*

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