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Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC
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Saw a good post today on Twitter, an old clip of a real estate reality show in New York, you know the ones that show the realtors and the properties they're selling and buying, dealing with clients, the negotiations, etc.

In this clip, a guy makes an offer of 50,000 bitcoins for a two bedroom apartment in New York. The realtor phones his client and presents the offer, and the client is upset because that values the apartment at $13 million, and the asking price was $14 million.

Today the value of 50000 bitcoin is $3.5 BILLION US.

That show must have been pre 2017 or 2016 because the value of bitcoin at that time would have had to be around $260 US, vs today at $70,000 US.

It's amazing that all anyone had to do was buy $1000 or $2000 of bitcoin 10 years ago and be a millionaire today. Ofcourse you'd have had to store in securely and resist the temptation to sell along the way.

You think of all the time and effort spent on investment decisions and what and how much to buy and sell of different things, and just a small allocation into one asset, and holding and forgetting, can do so much.
Show with Ryan Serhant, can't blame the seller. Crypto can go up or down and no one can predict.

Some even bet $1 million saying price is going to go up to 6 figures and I don't see them posting on twitter anymore.
I can see it going over $100,000 US this year, especially if the stock market stays up and the government keeps the liquidity going. Next month is the bitcoin halvening. But really who knows.
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